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June 7, 2022

Three ways to embrace change to improve your life

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It’s a question that I have challenged myself with over the years. How do you ‘rip the Band-Aid’ of life off faster in order to make the changes you need to move forward. As the past few years have taught us, we need to be adaptable, able to pivot, make change quickly and get used to life shifting in ways you could never have imagined even a year ago. So how can you train yourself to be able to ‘roll with the punches’ and move into a positive space – in both your personal life, and your work life. And by training, I mean make deliberate decisions based on a clear strategy to optimise your own life. With your family, work, money, and most importantly, your contribution to the planet.

“As people, we all want to make a difference. It is hard wired into our DNA.”

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For those we love, and all those who deserve love and everything that comes with that. But anybody knows you need to stabilise the core of any project, before you can make it work to its best potential. And at the core of all of us is need for personal fulfilment and the ability to live a life of meaning. Without it, we are just going from one deadline to another, and one life moment to the next, without any real context as to what’s it all about and where we are headed.

To make change easier to deal with and quicker to get over, I have learned that knowing your purpose, and moving through life in a way that is in harmony with that, helps make choices that lead to the best life outcomes.

Without it, life can feel like a grind. A weight to be carried, navigated and struggled through. While life will always hold challenges, the ability to minimise our struggle, and maximise our chance of success lies in identifying what really matters to us, then finding the fastest way to align with that. There are many people across the globe making major career decisions based on work flexibility and how much time they really want to spend working on things that no longer bring them joy.

From a workplace perspective, the winners are those organisations who have clearly defined their purpose, and align their teams with that. These are the companies that have an engaged and purpose filled workforce. So how do you learn from them, and apply those purpose led lessons to our own lives?

  1. The best organisations invest in their people. They train them, expand their possibilities and show them a pathway to advancement. The same is needed in our own lives. How you can invest in yourself in a whole new way? Is it to invest in your health? Your mental wellbeing? Your finances? Reducing your stress levels? With every life decision comes uncertainty. But it can never be wrong to invest in you. At the core of everything, your wellbeing is the greatest predicator to success in your life.
  2. Being consulted with and effectively communicated to, can make a real difference to success In business. So how clearly have you communicated to yourself what success really looks like for you? Do you even think about it enough to be able to communicate it? I have found time and again many people cannot articulate what their best possible future looks like. Without a picture of what you want your life to look like in 10 years, how can you make decisions today that get you there?
  3. There is no surprise that organisations with diverse workplaces are more effective and enjoyable place to work. So how can you create more diversity in your own life? Do you actively try and meet new people that inspire you? Attend a seminar that might teach you something you never considered? If you don’t have diversity in the people influencing your life, it can be hard to find inspiration to keep growing.

“Improving your life, your happiness, your money and your future is within your control. It is not a fast process, nor an easy one. But it is something I believe that we all deserve and can achieve.”

If you haven’t had the chance to think about what your ideal future looks like, I have created some micro tools to get you on your way. It is an easy exercise designed to help you lay down what you really want on paper, and it doesn’t take long to get you thinking about the right approach. For those who want to try it, I have created a special code for this community. LIFE50 will get you 50% off the purchase price, as a special gift from me to help you reach your potential – for both your money and your life.

May your changes be great ones. Wishing you everything you deserve.



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