It’s time to start your Reinvention journey.
Here are some resources to help you on your way.

Reinvention Journal – Revised Edition

As you start to really face what pillars you need to unlearn about money, it’s good to start thinking of what your life could be like next. I’ve developed this journal to help you ask yourself the right questions. Fill it out and keep it in a safe spot. Every few months go back to it – check in and make sure you are still headed in the right direction.

Your free ebook from top financial planners

Some of my favourite financial advisers have written their thoughts on the challenges ahead for our generation, and how to approach wealth accumulation. Unlearning money and reinventing your life is a long-term journey – and education is the keys to reaching your goals.

How to find the right financial planner

The Financial Planning Association has put together a guide to help you find the right financial adviser. It tells you the questions to ask, and gives you guidance on when are the right times to engage in quality financial advice.

Watch the TV Show

Join Secrets Of The Money Masters as five masters of finance help five Australian Sports heroes learn how to master money. In this series, some of Australia’s biggest sporting celebrities are going to learn the steps they need to take to achieve true financial freedom. They’ll learn from the industry’s finest about managing debt, planning for the future and investing for the long term.

Tools and calculators

If you want to start crunching the numbers, checking if your super will be enough or start understanding your debt, there are some great calculators and tools available on the Australian government website, Moneysmart.

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