Joshua Pennell


Josh Pennell is the author of ‘What Parents Want’. As a Dad to four kids and business owner, Josh is passionate about family and finances so is known as The Family Finance Guy.
He started investing at age 15 and has invested in an array of successful global companies, properties andprivately-owned businesses. He also runs a successful beachside Airbnb in one of Australia’s most popular coastal holiday destinations.
Josh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from RMIT University and numerous post graduate qualifications. Josh has been a wealth management and investment advisor for 18 years and is a Director of Prosper Advisory Business & Wealth Advisors.
He is the expert finance commentator on radio station 94.1FM, has featured in Smart Company, MSN Money and on some of Australia’s most successful finance podcasts. Josh was a finalist in the 2021 Financial Planning Association of Australia Innovation in Advice Award.

How much will you get? The $3.5 Trillion Great Australian Wealth

Over the coming 20 to 30 years we will see the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history. The majority of this will be from the "Baby Boomer" generation (people born just after the end of World War II through to 1964) and their children and other heirs...

August 24, 2022