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illustration meme-style with the quote "the only constant in life is change" on a brown background
June 7, 2022

Three ways to embrace change to improve your life

It’s a question that I have challenged myself with over the years. How do you ‘rip the Band-Aid’ of life off faster in order to make the changes you need to move forward. As the past few years have taught us, we need to be adaptable, able to pivot, make change quickly and get used to life shifting in ways you could never have imagined even a year ago. So how can you train yourself to be able to ‘roll wit...

happy young woman with a big smile on her face, long and beautiful legs wearing red stilettos sitting on a white leather couch holding a very big bunch of colourful shoes in her arms
June 7, 2022

The agreement to guilt-free

I'm obsessed with shoes. And even more obsessed with buying them guilt-free. In my early thirties, I was single, renting, and climbing the corporate ladder. I earned a decent salary and had no kids or financial commitments other than looking after me (how things have changed). I also had an overwhelming desire to indulge in beautiful shoes. It was love in its purest form. Having spent my career in financial services, I knew if I wanted a...

April 28, 2022


In my job, I meet all kinds of people, with all sorts of money challenges. In fact, one of the main reasons I love the public speaking aspect of my work is so I can talk to people, who after hearing me speak feel free enough to be able to tell me their stories - and some of them make my heart ache. From divorce, to death and everything in between, the stories people tell me about their lives and their money situations always inspire me to keep getting the message out there - ...

April 28, 2022


When Adelaide Uber driver Bhaumik Brahmbhatt got a call on his mobile from a woman claiming to be from the Australian Tax Office, he was immediately suspicious. According to the “ATO officer”, who had an Australian accent, there had been a mistake made on Bhaumik’s tax return and he owed thousands of dollars. “I said ‘I don’t believe you,’” said Bhaumik, an Indian immigrant who has lived in Adelaide for 13 years. “But then she said, ‘...

Each day I wake up excited to inspire everyday people to open up and take control of their money, regardless of their history, goals, or savings amount. About Vanessa >>


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