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will radically change your financial future.
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Money is sexy, but finance is boring. I’m here to challenge that by sparking courageous
conversations, and talking about what we all really want from life, and the most direct route to
getting it. It’s time to get real about money, lose the taboos around bringing it to the open and
take control of our own financial freedom.

December 20, 2021

Can I have your number?

We strive in our working lives to create a comfortable lifestyle, indulge in a few rewards here and there, and provide for our family to ‘enjoy life’ in the moment. There’ll be plenty of time to work out a retirement plan when you’re older, right? That countdown of days to when you finish up work may be closer than you think: Elyse relaxed back into the camp chair and stared into the fire. She was so happy she’d let Caitlyn talk her into spending this weekend ...

December 19, 2021

Retraining yourself at any age

Mick Horne is the clever animator behind our one-minute fables including The Golden Bird, a short animation that reminds us to spend our money on a life that brings freedom and happiness instead of possessions. A creative discovery changed Mick’s life trajectory from a serious 20-year career in the Australian Navy to doodling cartoons for newspapers. Mi...

Each day I wake up excited to inspire everyday people to open up and take control of their money, regardless of their history, goals, or savings amount. About Vanessa >>


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Family Inheritance

The nation is currently experiencing a wealth tsunami with Aussies handing over $3.5T to the next generation over the coming decade. One of the biggest conversations needed is around inheritance. Here’s what you need to know to start thinking about it.

Financial Freedom

The road to financial freedom is an ongoing learning journey. Spend 3 minutes a day being inspired to learn more about your pathway to financial freedom.

Kids & Money

Learn how to teach your kids through understanding their money personality. This will let you engage with and understand them better, so you can teach them how to make good money decisions throughout their life and achieve financial freedom sooner.

Manage Finances

Equipping families and individuals with the tools and assets they need to establish financial freedom and to make better money decisions.