Shayne Sommer


Shayne holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism/Psychology), Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning and has attained the Certified Financial Planner (CFP©) designation. She provides holistic financial advice to private clients primarily across the areas of cash flow, superannuation, investment and personal insurance. Shayne contributes the education of financial professionals via the FPA Certified Financial Planner (CFP©) designation, the CPA program, and is a casual lecturer with Charles Sturt University. Shayne’s thoughts and commentary have been included in publications such as No More Practice, Australian Financial Review,, Money & Life magazine and Kaplan Professional. Shayne holds a second dan black belt in karate, and is currently a student of Korean martial art, Hapkido.

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A Courtship of Change and Choices

Mary didn’t want to admit that the drawcard for coming to tonight’s class reunion was to chance an encounter with her former chemistry lab partner and secret crush, Brock Jones.

June 21, 2022

Fate by design

Emma was finally sitting across from Thomas, at least one part of her day was going right. He was there in all of his signature all-black attire, the top button of his dress shirt casually undone, the shirt itself draping off him like a cascading silk curtain. “So ...

March 7, 2022