Lou Johnson


Lou Johnson believes in the power of sharing stories to build empathy, understanding and connection. Growing up surrounded by books and storytelling, alongside her drive to make a difference led her to a highly successful career in book publishing.
For three decades leading teams across companies including Simon & Schuster, Murdoch Books and Mango Publishing Group, Lou has worked with authors and brands to shape their stories, and led companies to connect people with them.
As a publisher, leader, writer and speaker she is particularly interested in breaking down taboos, inclusion and empowerment.
Lou was originally the publisher of Vanessa’s book, The Five Conversations About Money and became so inspired by Vanessa’s mission of financial empowerment through storytelling that she joined evolution media group as Managing Director & Publisher.
Outside work she loves spending time with her husband, daughters, who she learns something from every day, her rescue greyhound and friends. Immersing herself in nature, a good book, and anything else that expands her mind or piques her curiosity, feeds her soul.

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I was Vanessa’s publisher for The Five Conversations About Money That WIll Radically Change Your Life and her mission of financial empowerment inspired me so much that we are now working together.

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