Can a ‘saver’ truly love an ‘entertainer’?

“Now this is more like it!” Stacy declared as she stepped onto the generous balcony of the penthouse apartment. With uninterrupted...

May 12, 2023

The Raw + Honest Conversation You Need to Have

We avoid conversations about money with those closest to us for a long time, but many of us leave consulting a professional until...

May 12, 2023

Why 7 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life

I have spent my career making educational content that explains concepts in financial services easier to understand and relate to. Have...

March 14, 2023
A couple of man drinking coffee and discussing

Chapter 2: The Eye-Opening + Confronting

If you’ve lied to your partner about money—sneaky credit card use, being deceptive about how much you paid for something, buying shoes or stocks without telling, secretly slipping some extra cash to the kids when you said you wouldn’t—you aren’t alone.

December 12, 2022

R U OK About Money?

If the answer to that is no, you are not alone. Research shows that, “42% of the people who die by suicide were under financial stress”. Suicide Prevention Australia says that 70% more Australians have reported elevated mental distress levels, compared with this time last year.

September 7, 2022
happy young woman with a big smile on her face, long and beautiful legs wearing red stilettos sitting on a white leather couch holding a very big bunch of colourful shoes in her arms

The agreement to guilt-free

I’m obsessed with shoes.
And even more obsessed with buying them guilt-free.
In my early thirties, I was single, renting, and climbing the corporate ladder.

June 7, 2022


When Adelaide Uber driver Bhaumik Brahmbhatt got a call on his mobile from a woman claiming to be from the Australian Tax Office, he was immediately suspicious. According to the…

April 28, 2022


Founder of Bay Botanica and The Good Bugs, Zoe Shacklady offers a practical and realistic approach to entrepreneurship and starting...

March 6, 2022

What is contribution splitting?

Contribution splitting is where you submit a notice to your partner’s superannuation fund and say hello, please direct some of his (or...

March 5, 2022

Why I wrote my book

Living an idyllic life on Sydney’s lower North Shore, with a successful business I ran with my husband, two gorgeous little girls, a...

December 17, 2021
woman with beautiful legs, nude shoes and red skirt carrying multiple paper shopping bags in a shopping location


There has been a lot of press this week around the latest report released by Financial Counselling Australia. The report showed a huge...

December 7, 2021

The Socialite and the Sous Chef

Got an appetite for fine dining? An exquisite restaurant that tantalises the taste buds will usually ask us to put our money where our...

October 3, 2021

Don’t Want to Work Longer Because of

Money expert Vanessa Stoykov explains how COVID-19 has affected some Australian's finances for the worst - and shares her top tips on...

December 19, 2020

Should You Take Your Super?

There has been a lot of press around the early release of the super scheme, and the fact that Australians have taken $28 billion out of...

August 18, 2020

3 Ways to Change your Money Thinking after

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has forever changed the way we live and think. Most of us now have accepted that some things will never...

July 28, 2020

3 Reasons Not To Touch Your Super

I read with some dismay the numbers coming in from the first $10,000 released under the super early release scheme. With more...

July 7, 2020

Notice This One Thing to Improve Your Finances

By now the lockdown has really taken hold and we are all starting to understand what it really means living with social distancing and...

April 28, 2020

3 Money Lessons to Take from COVID-19

There are many things we are all having to relearn during this pandemic. While it was certainly challenging to begin with, it...

April 21, 2020

Why Six Months of Savings is the New Black

As the dust settles on the shock of COVID-19, and the social isolation rules start to relax a little, it is time to reflect on what we...

April 10, 2020

2020, Climate and Your Money

My first blog back for 2020 - after an eventful holiday period, mainly dominated by bushfires. Yes, Australia...

January 10, 2020

The Magic Number, Revealed

A very interesting statistic came to light in the recent Australian Talks National survey, in which more than 50,000...

October 23, 2019

5 Steps to Improve Your Finances When You’

So many times people throw their hands in the air when it comes to money - where does it go, and how does it slip through your fingers?...

April 23, 2019

Three Most Common Money Traps and How to Avoid

We all do it - fall into money traps without even knowing. Life is so busy today, there are so many pressures on us, that sometimes...

April 2, 2019

Are you the 1 in 3 Aussies in danger?

Here is a statistic that really troubles me. 1 in 3 Aussies don't have more than 1 month’s salary saved for emergencies. That means...

March 5, 2019

How to avoid falling into debt this holiday season

It's the festive season already, and for many people that means spending a much more significant amount of money than usual, but it...

December 11, 2018

Don’t Panic About Retirement, Prepare

For the past year or so, I have made it my business to conduct an interesting social experiment. When I am with friends, or...

October 8, 2018

Money Mistakes to Avoid from Someone Who Has

Revealing the most common mistakes made by Australians in their 20's all the way up to 60's is close to my heart - after all at the age...

July 11, 2018

How Will You Fund Your Retirement?

When you read the research done by social researcher Mark McCrindle, you start to get your head around what will be, without a doubt, a...

August 9, 2017