Our proprietary learning methodology uses storytelling to identify and scenario plan ‘financial flashpoints’ to increase financial confidence and is internationally award winning and tested over more than 20 years.

The financial wellbeing programs empower participants by sparking curiosity, building confidence and embedding communications and strategy skills for long term financial wellbeing.

The module based learning experience can be delivered by individual module, keynotes, or the six month foundation program facilitated by evolution media group founder and money expert Vanessa Stoykov.

Our financial wellbeing programs can also be customised to support the requirements for your team or customers.
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UNLEARN MONEY AND THRIVE – Vanessa’s message about unlearning outdated money habits and benefiting from new ways of thinking about finances will energise and inspire people. Vanessa teaches a new approach to life events like inheritance, and how to equip your kids with lifelong money skills.

THE 5 CONVERSATIONS EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE ABOUT MONEY – Having real conversations about money provides the opportunity to experience a ‘financial flashpoint’ to spark real change in life and ignite a new path towards financial freedom.

5 courageous conversations about money have the power to radically change people’s future.

Vanessa teaches why they are so critical, how to have them,and why they’ll benefit loved ones too.

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Our proprietary learning model utilises storytelling, increasing information retention to over 65% across a content suite that encompasses online learning, keynotes, webinars, events, screen, books, podcasts and more.

In alignment with the evolving needs of employers and their people, we provide a customisable framework that supports measurable financial wellbeing over a person’s lifetime.

We work with tech providers, super funds and other organisations to create content across age groups and life circumstances.

Our complete range of financial wellbeing content is available globally.

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Vanessa helps make conversations about money less taboo and delivers financial content and commentary that is easy to understand for both businesses and individuals.

Evolution media group (EMG), the content house Vanesa founded, has been helping the financial industry connect with the public and guiding people to discover a path to financial wellbeing for over two decades.

EMG’s internationally award winning signature approach delivers easily digestible, expert and purpose driven content that is entertaining and educational.

Customised content ranges from brand storytelling to humanise your business and connect with your audience, to ambassadorships.

If you are interested in content that is customised to your business objectives we’d love to hear from you.

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The Five Conversations About Money book available at