For employers and organisations who want to deliver inspiration and whole of life learning to their teams, Vanessa’s message about unlearning outdated money habits and benefiting from new ways of thinking about finances will energise and inspire people. Vanessa teaches a new approach to life events like inheritance, and how to equip your kids with lifelong money skills.

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2. The 5 conversations everyone needs to have about money

Vanessa speaks to the 5 crucial conversations we all need to have to improve our financial future and gives a framework for people to start their own journey.

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Vanessa created this keynote/webinar to help others learn from her more than 22 years of running her own business and working with some of the best money minds in the world. She talks through the key lessons she had to learn the hard way when it comes to running a small business, and how changing your money mindset can change your financial future. You’ll walk away with valuable tips on how to future-proof your business.

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4. STORYTELLING for Professionals

In this keynote or webinar, Vanessa shares her unique experience to illustrate the true power of storytelling and how it can be used to market your brand and business. From learning why storytelling is such an effective marketing and brand promotion tool to gaining an understanding of story principles, this webinar will give you a range of practical tips and a storytelling template to help you create your own brand story that connects with your audience. Vanessa also has a specifically designed training session/ keynote for financial services businesses who want to learn the art of storytelling and humanising their business.

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5. Bespoke offerings

Vanessa loves working with brands in all different capacities, so if you are interested in any tailored keynote speeches, masterclasses, webinars, or ambassadorship roles, please reach out.

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