Kathy Skantzos


Kathy Skantzos is an Australian business journalist and editor who has worked as Finance Editor of news.com.au and Managing Editor of The CEO Magazine (Asia). She has joined the squad with Vanessa to educate people about the fascinating world of money via good storytelling.

Bombed Out Breakthrough

When Hannah Pereira started making bath bombs at home from a kit she bought on eBay, she had no idea the hobby would turn into a multimillion-dollar ecommerce success. “I had no money at the time,” Hannah confesses. Starting with nothing, Bath Box is now turni...

October 5, 2021

Change your money. Change your life.

What do you want in your life and how are you going to pay for it? That’s the question finance educator Vanessa Stoykov asks from her evolution media group office, an internationally recognised boutique content house dedicated to wealth education. ...

October 4, 2021