September 1, 2020

Three Lessons to Take from COVID-19

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If we have learned anything from this pandemic, it is that change happens – it can be swift, and life-changing and the only thing to do is survive and make the best of it. And it has had a big impact on us all. Whether or not you have been affected financially, the social isolation, uncertainty of global events, and the ongoing staying at home has been very challenging.

But for those who have been affected financially, the stress of worrying about how to cope has been at times overwhelming. Domestic violence has increased dramatically, as has alcohol and drug consumption, and calls to helplines have skyrocketed for people finding it hard to cope mentally.

No matter what your circumstances, COVID-19 has had an impact that may take many years to subside. So what to do in the meantime? The following three tips can help you get in better shape mentally and financially, post COVID-19.

1. Take your mental health seriously and seek help.

The strongest of us have found this more than challenging, and there is no shame in needing help to get back on track. Talk to your local GP, or look for resources online. And read about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. While it is not the panacea for your life whole, it definitely makes a difference in reducing stress levels and getting you back to enjoying life.

2. Save your pennies. By this I mean don’t be caught again with not enough savings.

Make six months of living expenses your biggest financial goal and be dogged about getting there, no matter what it takes. This pandemic has shown us that without savings, people are left queuing at Centrelink and dealing with the kind of financial stress that is almost unbearable. Save what you can today and every day.

3. Sell what you don’t use. It is not about possessions  – it’s about peace of mind.

More than ever, people are looking for a bargain, so if you don’t use that pushbike, golf clubs, Xbox, or skis, get them on eBay or Gumtree/Facebook and get yourself some cash to boost your savings account. That will give you far more peace of mind and pleasure in the future.

While we all have to accept that the future is uncertain, there is one certainty you can have – controlling your own life. Make decisions that take the stress off you. Don’t be disappointed if you are not where you want to be – better to look at what you have achieved, and what you do have. A positive mindset is half the battle to not only surviving this but thriving in the future.

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