January 2, 2021

Why I’m Not Making Resolutions for 2021

Well we made it. 2020 has drawn to a close and we have now moved into 2021 – a year, we all hope, of recovery. As I sit with my husband, talking about what our new year’s resolutions would be, I had a realisation.


Making resolutions for 2021 is pointless. Because, as 2020 taught us, anything can happen. So, I realise the best thing that I can do this New Year, is hone my positive intentions – both for my life and the lives of others.

I know I want to be fitter – but joining a gym and going down the same rabbit hole again as I move into my 48th year just doesn’t make sense. It is one of those ‘resolutions’ that end by February. So, I got up today, and I went for a walk. It was slow. There were many birds and trees that I stopped and looked at (one of the benefits of living in the Blue Mountains). And this was it. My positive intention for my fitness in action. Not a whole life change, but a small change in my day that gives me joy.

This year my life goal to help others harness the power of financial services will continue. I know more than ever in an uncertain world, having some certainty around money is going to give a lot of people peace of mind. I know first-hand the debilitating stress of money pressure. I have also made a lot of mistakes along the way, because I didn’t know what the right choices were to make.

Through the hard lessons of making these mistakes, and 27 years of access to some of the best financial minds around the globe, I have developed some key learnings that I will be sharing via easy-to-use online learning for the first time in 2021.

I will be working with the mainstream media again, commissioning research and creating education that is plain-speak, while harnessing the help of some of the most successful organisations in financial services. This will help start the change process for people who are worried about their money, no matter their income. It will deliver a better understanding on who to trust and where to go for help.

My other positive intention of course lies in being there for my family and friends. One of the benefits to come from this pandemic is the highlighting of how much our relationships matter – and how we all need connection to lead a happy life. Our three kids, and our family and friends continue to be the greatest gift in my life, and the one that gives the most fulfilment.

So, for 2021, I wish you a life where you are able to pursue all your positive intentions – and be flexible enough to go a different way if life requires. Most of all, make decisions that bring you joy. You deserve it.

Until next time,


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