Vanessa’s mission is to educate Australians on growing their wealth and making the pension irrelevant in their lives.

Keynote Topics

Vanessa tailors each of her keynote presentations to suit the interests and needs of the specific audience.

How to prepare for the economic tsunami that is looming

  • Leading research into what lies ahead
  • Solutions and tools to prepare financially 
  • Takeaways to start changing today

Lessons from the Royal Commission into financial services

  • What business can do to rebuild and how advisers can grow their business post Royal Commission
  • How staff and teams can be re-engaged and reinvigorated
  • Real lessons to avoid for other industries

Why your profit lies in reinvention

  • When business owners reinvent their financial contribution to the business
  • Emerging new mega profitable economy
  • Step-by-step guide to actioning

Personal themes include:

  • Unlearning money – why you need to forget what you know to grow your wealth
  • Why reinvention is the new retirement
  • How to reinvent your life in your 40’s and beyond
  • How to prepare for the economic tsunami that is looming
  • Women and money – why sisters need to suck it up and do it themselves. The reluctant woman’s guide to getting it done for themselves financially
  • From start up to shut down – the dreamers guide to starting a business all the way through to the end. From someone who has created and sold a company for a six figure sum and run their own business for 20 years.

“When Vanessa Stoykov presents, her obvious passion and enthusiasm to help people achieve financial literacy and wellbeing is highly engaging. Entertaining, and at times provocative, Vanessa’s genuine warmth connects her with the audience.”
‐ Michelle Dunner, ASFA ‑ The Voice of Super

“Vanessa was the opening speaker at our inaugural Wealth Symposium and provided a powerful and engaging start to the event. This is the second time H&B have worked with Vanessa and on both occasions the process has been seamless.
‐ Adele Brown, Hannemann & Brown

Vanessa has spent years talking to some of the most fascinating people including Sir Michael Parkinson, Terry Irwin, Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, Cathy Freeman OAM, and more.

Watch the Showreels of Vanessa Stoykov’s interviews with the worlds most captivating people below.

“We loved having Vanessa Stoykov speak here and all feedback has been that it was easy to understand and gave us all inspiration to change. And what’s better, you left us with real ways to change. Many have said the best breakfast yet! Thank you.”
‐ The Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network

“It was a pleasure having Vanessa speak at our Business in Heels Sydney CBD event. Vanessa is a natural story teller and  articulated her message beautifully using her relatable nature which made everyone feel really at ease. She is a strong, purpose driven woman striving for change and our ladies were inspired by her vision. Thank you again for joining us at what was our most engaging event of the year!”
‐ Mireille Salloum, Business in Heels Sydney CBD

“After 20 years in this industry, now more than ever I’m committed to telling stories that matter, and to helping others better their lives.”

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