Over 25 years the Evolution Media Group, led by money educator Vanessa Stoykov has collaborated with the finance industry, in particular institutional investing, superannuation and financial advice.

During this time they have combined forces with some of the most influential organisations in the sector to create a community of committed professionals, dedicated to helping solve some of the wicked problems we face as a society today.

The Nationbuilders (NB) Collective is a group of trusted financial services organisations that come together with the common goal of financial empowerment for all. This is achieved by the ongoing creation of engaging educational content across multiple mediums and the sharing of insights and learning around engagement, effectiveness and innovation.

The first project to launch under the NB Collective banner was Wicked Problems, Visionary Investors. This talk show format features leading industry experts exploring the biggest problems we face globally, and the progress being made toward solving them through smart investing. Highly experienced financial advisers are included in the program to forge a link between industry and the frontline issues for investors.

With financial stress doubling over the past year, and the cost of lost productivity at a staggering $66.8 billion in Australia alone, the NB Collective will play on important, ongoing part in connecting people to better financial outcomes.

Participation in the NB Collective is by invitation only.

Wicked Problems, Visionary Investors, explores the influence smart investment is having on solving problems such as climate change, sustainability, accessibility of financial advice and de-globalisation.

With leading experts, professional investors and financial advisers all contributing to the conversation, viewers can understand and track the progress of smart investment in our future.

Watch the trailers to Wicked Problems

Episode 1 here

How do more people access financial advice?

Wicked Problems Episode 2 trailer

How do we know the best way to invest sustainably?

Wicked Problems Episode 3 trailer

How do we invest globally when everyone looks after themselves first?

If you want to participate in the Nationbuilders Collective or find out more click here.