Have you ever wondered why financial freedom seems out of your reach? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it has nothing to do with interest rates and investment properties. And everything to do with your behaviour.

We are all driven by desire to identify ourselves with aspirational things. Even in an emerging era of minimalism, living the way we do costs money. For many, this leads to overextending ourselves by taking on the pressures of debt – including home ownership when the interest rate environment is rising. But where does it end? How much is enough? Do we really need it? Is there a better way?

Vanessa is joined by Jenny Josling to dive deep into the lessons learned from fictional characters pulled from Vanessa’s finance novel ‘The Breakfast Club for 40-somethings.’

Meet Josie

Meet Josie

Josie is a successful business owner, running a $10m turnover communication and events business pre COVID. She is undeniably beautiful in an Angelina Jolie kind of way. While she has never been married, she has dated many men - some wealthy, and others handsome and often broke, meaning money always became a factor in her relationships. Her one true love is Brad, who she reunites with again at the reunion.

Will Josie avoid business failure with rising costs? Will she be able to keep up the pace? Will she find a better balance between life and work? Will her relationship work?

Key takeaways:

How desire is a treadmill, not a cul de sac. We can get caught up in the chase without realising we’re picking up the pace.

When high-net-worth individuals like Josie get trapped by desire - needing to go to upmarket hotels and travel business class because they think that’s what’s expected of them.

Running your own business can put you in maximum control - and also at maximum risk.

The direction and insight a financial planner can offer.

Desire pulls us forward, and fuels our ambition. But UNchecked desire can come at a heavy price, dragging us in to pay for it all.’

Once you get into a situation where you’ve got losses that you’ve got to pay off - that’s scary.’

About Vanessa Stoykov:

About Vanessa Stoykov:

Vanessa is an award-winning financial commentator, author and CEO.
She is on a mission to help Australians get real about money. And with her vast experience in the wealth creation space, Vanessa knows how important it is to have courageous conversations in order to achieve financial freedom. From her 23-year history of owning a financial services education-focused media business, Evolution Media Group, Vanessa has a deep understanding of the finance world and has the unique ability to communicate this in a way that everyday people can understand. A passionate financial educator, Vanessa has published two books and regularly appears in the renowned media outlets such as News.com.au, Sydney Morning Herald, BC and The Today Show.

You can find her website here: https://vanessastoykov.com.au/

About Jenny Josling

About Jenny Josling

Jenny Josling is the Chair of Orbis Investments' distribution business in Australia. Orbis is a global firm with offices in eight countries around the world, around four hundred employees and almost $40 billion in assets under management. She is a mother, pianist and equestrian rider, and a creative at heart.


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