Have you ever wondered why financial freedom seems out of your reach? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it has nothing to do with interest rates and investment properties. And everything to do with your behaviour.

It is no secret that how we grew plays a big part of who we are today. Our parents, childhood friends, and community all shaped our early years. But what happens when the beliefs we hold onto no longer serve us? How do you shape your life to overcome the lessons from your past? When we believe something to be true, it becomes very hard to make choices that contradict that belief, especially when it comes to money.

In this third episode of a five-part series, financial educator and author Vanessa Stoykov details the way BELIEF contributes to how financially comfortable we are - both now and later in life.

Vanessa is joined by Clime Investment Management Ltd's CEO Annick Donat to dive deep into the lessons learned from fictional characters pulled from Vanessa’s finance novel ‘The Breakfast Club for 40-somethings.’

Meet Jane

Meet Jane

Bubbly, fun mother of two, Jane is mid 40s, divorced, with twin girls, aged 8. She is a qualified lawyer, and works part time at a firm as their in-house counsel, accepting a lower pay for less days in the office, so she can be there for her girls. Her parents live close by, and always put their hand up to help with the kids, for which Jane is incredibly grateful, even if it does mean they tend to give her unasked for life advice. She still is hopeful about finding love again, but less hopeful about what she can achieve financially, even with parents who will leave her their house.

Will Jane find a better way to manage her career? Have a different conversation with her parents about money? Find financial independence when she is older?

Key takeaways:

The rebuilding of a single mother’s life after a nasty divorce.

How her limiting beliefs were holding Jane back from earning a higher salary, entering into a new romance and building a future for her twin girls she could be proud of.

How having uncomfortable conversations with family members can strengthen bonds and support.

The direction and insight a financial planner can offer.

When your life partner becomes a liability, this can have a profound effect on your beliefs about finance and success.’

She’s creating more pain - not intentionally - by not backing herself.’

About Vanessa Stoykov:

About Vanessa Stoykov:

Vanessa is an award-winning financial commentator, author and CEO.
She is on a mission to help Australians get real about money. And with her vast experience in the wealth creation space, Vanessa knows how important it is to have courageous conversations in order to achieve financial freedom. From her 23-year history of owning a financial services education-focused media business, Evolution Media Group, Vanessa has a deep understanding of the finance world and has the unique ability to communicate this in a way that everyday people can understand. A passionate financial educator, Vanessa has published two books and regularly appears in the renown media outlets such as News.com.au, Sydney Morning Herald, BC and The Today Show.

You can find her website here: https://vanessastoykov.com.au/

About Annick Donat:

About Annick Donat:

Annick Donat is the CEO of Clime Investment Management Ltd. With over 30 years of experience in senior leadership roles, most recently as Chief Executive of Madison Financial Group (MFG), Annick grew the business in her three years of leadership to more than $3 billion in funds under advice before Clime acquired the group in June 2020. She is a mum of two and is married to a financial planner.


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