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Unlearn Desire

I have a feeling I could be seen as the killjoy of the century by stating that one of things we need to unlearn about money is desire. What do


‘Til Debt Do Us Part

I heard a frightening statistic this week: that our national debt level is 130 per cent of our GDP (gross domestic product). Quite simply, as a nation, we are racking
Starting Out

It’s OK to Admit You Want Something Different

I started this journey to help Australians prepare for their financial future. I’m motivated because I know so many amazing people who can help. And I learned the hard way,

How Will You Fund Your Retirement?

When you read the research done by social researcher Mark McCrindle, you start to get your head around what will be, without a doubt, a very different Australia to the
Family Funding

Teaching Your Kids To Invest

Over the past several years, I have been interested in asking great fund managers how they teach their kids to invest. It's something I believe has been sorely lacking in

Parky, Maggie and the Lessons of Time

Time is one of the big things many of us use to anchor our values and mindsets to when it comes to building wealth, but for many more, it can

Who Doesn’t Love a Little Action?

My final unlearn pillar is a big one: action. My final unlearn pillar is a big one: action. It's the pillar that can make or break your financial success. It’s

How Your Beliefs Impact Your Finances

In my third instalment of the “unlearn” series – on the key issues that are holding people back around creating the financial outcomes they dream of – I explore the

How To Stay Focussed On The Big Picture

This week’s lesson covers availability bias – which really means believing the information you have at hand – even if it's not the right information to make a decision upon.
Unlearn Pillars

Make 2017 The Year You Unlearn Money

Welcome back to The Investment Series. It was great to take a break, spend time with family and recharge. So far it's been quite a year – we’ve already seen