It’s OK to Admit You Want Something Different

I started this journey to help Australians prepare for their financial future. I’m motivated because I know so many amazing people who can help. And I learned the hard way, what it’s like to be under financial pressure, pay for a life that keeps you on a treadmill, and feels like it’s going nowhere.

I want to help you unlearn money, question your limiting beliefs and reinvent your life. More about how your beliefs impact your financial future, here.

According to ABS data release in 2017, Australians household debt to income ratio now stands at a record 188.6%.

Around 3 in 10 households were classified as ‘over-indebted’ with mortgage holders and high income earners particularly susceptible.

Debt and the pressures it brings to life can be debilitating. Anyone in Sydney who has kids at private school and a mortgage most likely knows what this feels like. Debt however, is not just the problem of capital cities. If you are leveraged with a business, have run up credit cards, or have taken out a personal loan, you might be feeling the pressure of making ends meet.

Which is why unlearning your limiting money habits, and reinventing your future is so important. Those of you who are in debt still have time to make the pension irrelevant for your retirement.

Turning it around starts with two simple questions:

  1. What do I really want from my life moving forward?
  2. What could I change to get what I want?

You can start answering questions like this in your free Reinvention Journal, here.

While the questions are easy, the actions may not be as simple. For example, the actions may be selling the house of your dreams to get out of a massive mortgage, or changing your kids school to lower the fees (and yes, my husband and I have done both).

These may feel like impossible choices, but over time, if you really think about what truly gives you joy, and what is causing you stress, you might find it’s not as hard as you think.

Whatever your actions are, the first step toward changing your financial future, is recognising what you need to unlearn, or change. You can take my free, five pillars test to understand what’s holding you back.

This is the first step in many, toward getting on the right track to a future that has less debt and stress, and more joy.

I look forward to taking this journey with you.

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