What do you need to unlearn to generate more wealth?

5 Pillars
FOCUS – Do you have financial goals?
TIME – Are you letting time get away?
DESIRE – Are you trapped by wanting new things?
ACTION – Are you actively making a plan?
BELIEF – What did your parents teach you about money?

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Over the past 25 years I have spent my career learning about investments and managing money, building relationships with the experts who work in the finance industry and understanding the motivating factors that generate universal success.

I have crystalised this knowledge and experience down into 5 pillars for creating financial success. They are Desire, Time, Belief, Focus and Action.

In understanding the balance between these 5 pillars, I truly believe you can reach a sense of financial harmony that encourages wealth creation, BUT this usually begins with a process of unlearning what you know about 2 or more of the pillars.

Let me explain. I am sure without even taking my diagnostic quiz you will get a gut instinct as to which pillars you might need to unlearn to break free of habits that could be holding you back from reaching your true financial potential.

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The lure of having things that are wants rather than needs is a common issue in Western society. You won’t hear me telling you it’s rubbish to have desires, we all love pretty things. This is less about being too strict on ourselves and more about learning how to make decisions that draw a line in the sand between things that invest in your happiness, and things that see you entrapped in debt, without the long term happiness deposit to go with it.


The impact that time has on our thinking around money should not be underestimated. When we are young, we think retirement is forever away, as we get to middle age we feel we have so many demands on our money that time slips away instead. We make decisions based on not fully recognising the impact of time and how it can have a positive or negative compounding effect on our financial wellbeing.


What we intrinsically believe about money usually turns out to be true. Whether you believe there’s never enough, you have no luck, believe too much is a bad thing or money just seems to disappear unaccounted for – what you believe, you become. Mindset around money can be both nature and nurture. What you are exposed to as a child definitely makes a difference, as does what you teach yourself and the industry within which you work. How to change these beliefs can be part psychology and the part self-examination stage of unlearning money.


Sometimes it’s hard to paint the picture in your mind of what it is you truly want. And usually you have to reach a certain age (most of us are usually in our 40’s) to have enough life experience to truly understand what brings you happiness and what really matters. When you have clarity around how you want to live and what does actually matter, you can then start to make a plan towards it. Without that long term clarity however, most of us go from thing to thing, job to job, holiday to holiday, looking for happiness and finding nothing more than moments that don’t contribute to the greater whole.


Many of us have learned how to manage money from our parents. If you think back, you would have been exposed to their choices around investments and savings. This, for the most part, can give you a good foundation for understanding money, but it doesn’t take into account how quickly things evolve and how we need to take action to adjust with the changing times of our impressively evolving society, technologies and economy. By understanding your options, and the need to have different strategies around your money for long and short term needs in your life, you can truly develop an action plan that sees you achieve your goals.

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