5 Steps to Reinventing Yourself

Everyone makes jokes about the kind of old age they want. Or dream of travelling, sleeping in, and general good times. The reality is mostly different, as people experience different life challenges, including health, and the fact that having no purpose tends to kill humans, so the everlasting holiday wears off after 6 months.

But we have all had dreams we have had to shelve in our life. Doing things we dreamed of when we were young – before jobs, kids and mortgages. What if the next phase of your life was your reinvention, where you got to live that dream?

Having a life plan and a clear vision of what you want your future to be like is the first step toward that. By asking yourself these five simple questions, you can begin the process of your reinvention – and have the years ahead to look forward to it.

1. What do you want to be different than today? (House, job, hobbies, time…)
2. What did you used to want to be?
3. What excites you that are currently not doing?
4. How much per month do you think it would take to do that?
5. What’s your timeframe – when could you start your reinvention?

Armed with these questions, you can then go about seeking financial advice around how this could be paid for. It’s also a brilliant idea to get a full health check – one of my dearest friends just paid for an MRI which showed she had cancer – which would not have been picked up if she did not do this test. Your health and likely challenges ahead is important to know about as much as you can.

Then you can do your rough timeline – do you target 2028 as your reinvent year? 2030? Whatever the goal, putting a date to it will make it real and give you long term goals to work toward.

Reinvention is the new retirement, and controlling your own future is a way of avoiding the negative new cycle and sometimes frightening world we live in today.

I am happy to be your guide on this reinvention – I am in the process of doing it myself, and have already begun to see the benefits.

Until next time,

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